Lesage Prestige Enhances Material Flow with Hai Robotics' ACRs


Lesage Prestige, a distinguished family-run business known for exceptional meats and delicatessen products, is modernizing its material handling processes to address the significant growth of the company. By implementing Hai Robotics' Automated Case-handling Mobile Robots, Lesage aims to optimize space usage, boost productivity, and create a safer workplace.

With a 70-year history in importing and distributing luxury meats for France's premier dining establishments, Lesage is poised to remodel its order preparation system. The facility in Chemy, France, which boasts swift meat parcel deliveries within 24 to 48 hours, will undergo a transformation to accommodate an automated storage and picking area.

François Lesage, General Manager of Lesage, underscores the necessity of adapting to their expanding operations. The move towards automation is a strategic response to space constraints, the need to improve the working environment, and a drive for higher output.

This project's primary aim is to achieve an intensive automation of storage operations within the cold environment of the facility, while ensuring that production continues uninterrupted. The implementation of this automation will not result in any job losses; instead, it is designed to refine and advance the current processes, providing support to the staff in their daily tasks under demanding conditions. This enhancement is part of Lesage Prestige’s ongoing efforts to modernize and streamline operations, reinforcing the commitment to both efficiency and the well-being of its employees.

The upcoming cold chain facility, seamlessly linked to production, will operate in temperatures between 0°C and 2°C. The integration of ACRs will enhance order-picking efficiency and reduce the physical demands on staff. The racking system will be revamped to five aisles of nearly five-meter-high racks, allowing for a more compact storage solution and lowered energy costs for refrigeration.

The ACRs are set to transform the goods flow, fetching bins from 3,600 locations and conveying them to the Pick by Light stations. At peak times, five ACRs will deliver and store 340 bins per hour. Additionally, to manage morning delivery surges, a buffer system will be introduced, capable of handling up to eight bins simultaneously.

This tech-forward solution will be integrated into Lesage’s existing IT infrastructure, enhancing the existing ERP system with capabilities such as fleet and inventory management, batch tracking, and real-time flow visualization.

The project's completion is targeted for the first quarter of 2024, with a swift execution time frame of less than 12 months.

lesage prestige enhance material flow automation project

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