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Vision-Guided Steel Plate Picking and Sorting

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution


The vision-guided robot recognizes and picks up the steel plate cutting pieces of various specifications one by one, places them on the conveyor belt to the next station. The robot recognizes and grabs the cutting pieces on the conveyor belt, sorting and palletizing them into the specific bin according to their specifications.


Vision-Guided Steel Plate Picking and Sorting

on-site image



1. Mech-Eye Laser L industrial-grade 3D camera of a wide field of view and high precision can effectively manage ambient light interference, significantly reducing shading facility requirements for large stations.

2. Intelligent analysis of the nesting layout and magnetic configuration realizes smart planning of magnetic points.

3. According to the follow-up process requirements, the built-in intelligent palletizing strategy manages a reasonable palletizing pattern to make sure a full usage of space;

4. High precision unleashes the potential of handling of demanding situations such as the laser cutting gap of mere 0.4mm.

5. Truss robots automatically sort large workpieces of over 200kg, this practice has made a benchmark project for our customer.



1. Unloading efficiency of the production line has been markedly improved, fulfilling the production needs with ease.

2. It is the first fulfilling and stable running material staging production line in the Group of our customer, which is regarded as the benchmark project in their Group.


Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera



Vision-Guided Steel Plate Picking and Sorting


           Mech-Eye LSR L 

                   - Large FOV

                   - Ambient light resistance

                   - Robust interreflection suppression

                   - Ideal for robotic guidance